About me


First tech job: writing support documentation and acting as webmaster for Hewlett-Packard’s Network Management Tools group. 

Since then I’ve worked as a database manager, intellectual property manager, management consultant, information architect, and ultimately, Sr. UX designer.

I have experience across multiple sectors: digital media, finance, consulting, government, public relations, big tech, pharma and sports.  

Educational background: BS – English literature, J.D. – Law.   I am the founder of Usergoals, a UX consultancy.

Outside of work

I live in New York City, where in pre-socially-distanced days I did standup and improve comedy and played league pool.   I like funk drumming, woodworking, reading, and cartooning.  I once drove a scooter from NYC to Savannah, Georgia and back.  I’m part of a tenants group here in NYC, advocating for more affordable housing in the city.

Books I like

Along with the classics “Don’t Make Me Think“, “The Design of Everyday Things”, the Edward R. Tufte books, these books have made a specific impact on me: