About Me

headshot of Roy Zornow in black shirt with glasses

Hi, I’m Roy Zornow, the founder of Usergoals UX consultancy. I’ve helped deliver high-quality products across multiple sectors and form factors over the past 15 years.

My experience spans digital media, finance, consulting, government, public relations, big tech, pharmaceuticals and sports. I’ve designed the UX for everything from enterprise-wide platforms to responsive mobile sites.

My emphasis is on context, meeting the user where they are, to uncover the real issues, rather than assuming knowledge of the user’s priorities.

Educational background: B.S. English literature;  J.D. Law.  Recent coursework in Systems Thinking via MIT’s XPro continuing eduction program.

Outside of work

I live in New York City, where in pre-socially-distanced days I did standup and improv comedy and played league pool. I like funk drumming, woodworking, reading, and cartooning. I once drove a scooter from NYC to Savannah, Georgia and back. I’m part of a tenants group here in NYC, advocating for more affordable housing.

Group shot of Roy Zornow with coworkers at an ice cream store

Books I find useful

In addition to the classic Don’t Make Me Think“, “The Design of Everyday Things“, and the Edward R. Tufte books, these  have made a specific impact on me: