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Fifteen years of professional experience designing elegant user-centered interactive products for high-profile clients in the fields of finance, software, pharmaceuticals, entertainment and sports.

Recent work has focused on responsive design and mobile prototyping . I'm an advocate for Agile, rapid iterations and user testing. Client-facing, detail-oriented and comfortable with multiple projects. Good at coming into a project that is already underway, rapidly assimilating information, and getting high-quality deliverables out the door. My goals are to have fun while helping the end user do things more easily, to collaborate, and to bring creativity into every project.

Specialties: mobile platforms, Agile, usability testing, online applications. Software includes Axure, InDesign, Omnigraffle, Visio, Dreamweaver, HomeSite, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Javascript.

SKILLS top ^
   Software    User Experience Design    Business  
· InDesign
· Omnigraffle
· Visio
· Dreamweaver, HomeSite
· Illustrator, Photoshop
· Javascript
· Axure
· UNIX file mgmt. commands, vi editor
· Word, PowerPoint, Access, Excel
· Visual SourceSafe
· RoboHelp
· Mobile Interface design
· Personas
· Use Cases
· Functional Specifications
· User Task Maps
· Content Inventories
· Site Maps
· Page Schematics
· Process Flows
· Wireframes
    - static
- clickable
· Web Form Prototypes
· User Testing Plans
· Agile Development
· Business Requirements
· Competitive Analysis
· Training Development & Delivery
· Configuration Management
· Process Development
· Team Leadership
· Meeting Facilitation
· Client Relationship Management
· Mentoring
· Collaborative Problem Solving
· Creating a Business Case for Usability
New York, NY
12/13 - present Founder
Clients include Noise Marketing, Geometry, MyCityFund. and Edelman NYC. At Edelman I've been doing storymapping and Axure prototyping. Recent projects include Tressmé's custom YouTube channel (ecommerce), Heineken's World Cup contest, Shell's ViscoCity B2B, General Electric's Renewable Energy, and AXE's White Label Collective site.  
Havas Worldwide
New York, NY
3/12 - 12/13 Associate Director of User Experience
As Associate Director, brought a digital product methodology to a traditional agency. Evangelized Agile, user testing, storymapping, and responsive design. Architected a UX Awards finalist: mobile trip configurator for the Atlantic City Convention and Visitors Authority. Extensive client work, including responsive sites for Hershey's, Volvo and Dos Equis. Re-architected GSK's Other client projects include GE HealthAhead, Ritz, Keurig, and interactive online publications for Havas' global management team.  
Donovan Data Systems
New York, NY
2/11 - 2/12 Senior User Experience Designer
Senior UX Designer part of 3-person team that redesigned DDS’s next generation global digital campaign management software.  
    - Created a streamlined online user experience which enables management of all business processes for digital campaigns, including RFPs, proposals, insertion orders, ad server reporting, financials, and auditing. Currently $6 billion in digital ad spend flows through iDesk.  
    Station Xpress  
    - Redesigned this online workflow management tool, which provides a common platform by which t.v. stations and ad reps can perform order management, electronic contracting, scheduling, revisions, comments, returns and audits.  
New York, NY
3/09 - present Senior User Experience Designer
Senior UX Designer in charge of mobile projects for MRM New York.  
    - Using agile development principles, architected GM’s hands-free “Car Mode” mobile application: a suite of voice-activated iPhone apps for use while driving.  
    - Created mobile social networking app for collaborative networked car-pooling.  
    U.S. Army  
    - Designed U.S. Army Reserve’s O.C.A.R. job board for returning veterans.  
    - Adapted and Army OneSource main sites for the mobile platform.  
    - Wrote functional and technical specifications, and architected the user experiencs for the Army Career Self-Selection tool.  
    - Redesigned Intel’s software “Download Center”, employing a faceted multi-selection mechanism.  
New York, NY
2/08 - 3/09 Senior User Experience Designer
User Interface team lead for Century21 Real Estate’s global redesign. Other clients included Martha Stewart Living, JP Morgan, Exxon, and Crayola.  
    Century 21  
    - Redesigned, implementing new features such as Communities Area Search, Neighborhood Comparision, and a customizable trip planner for open house visits.  
    Martha Stewart Living  
    - Architected Martha Stewart Holidays shopping site.  
    JP Morgan  
    - Designed Morgan Markets Analyst Alert article configurator.  

Euro RSCG 4D
New York, NY

2/06 –2/08 Senior Information Architect

Senior IA in charge of all phases of information architecture at the New York office of the world’s largest digital and direct advertising agency. Projects included:

    - Architected IBM Business Consulting's million-user "Jam" forum product, incorporating 2.0 information-sharing principles, personalization and maximum usability.  
    - Used innovative concepts such as mind-mapping and faceted browsing to redesign IBM's Technology Adoption Program website, allowing users to showcase, share, host, review and collaborate on self-created software offerings.  
    - Architected IBM's W3 Media Library website, enabling users to organize, consume and exchange audio and video clips.  
    - Created IBM Situational Applications Environment website, an intranet application which helps users create Web 2.0 "mashups".  
    - Created information architecture for the "Who Would You Give a Volvo To?" online campaign.  
    - Devised Volvo's “Pirate's of the Caribbean" user process flows including back-end calls.  
    - Created a customizable computer kiosk application for use at auto shows.  
    - Used matrixed content, dashboards and personalization to design Intel's “Partner Initiatives” web portal, an online interactive structured benefits program. Performed a competitive analysis and wrote the online strategy for this project.  
    - Created Verizon Small Business Presentation Builder Tool, enabling users to combine Flash snippets with PowerPoint slides to create their own web-accessible business presentations.  
    - Designed media-rich "Verizon Small Business Stories" minisite.  
    Charles Schwab  
    - Architected innovative interactive site map for Schwab's "Talk to Chuck" Campaign".  
    Euro RSCG 4D  
    - Designed Ajax-enabled online project management application for use with Euro’s clients.  

City of NY
New York, NY

12/05 – 1/06 User Interface Designer
  · Designed searchable online catalog, flash minisite form, and account management pages for the Dept. of Small Business Services Individual Training Account Program.  

VNUeMedia, Inc.
New York, NY

6/05 – 11/05 Information Architect
  · Sites included Training 2006 Conference and mobile,, At Retal Media, Gourmet Retailer Sizzler (in production), Convenience Store News – Single Store Owner (in production), MiMegasite.  
  · Designed and implemented user-testing strategy: wrote user testing plan, questionnaires, scripts, report templates and reports. Interviewed and tested users and coached other IA’s, resulting in valuable usability insights. Done on a low-budget without a testing lab.  
  · Created unique content mapping technique which visually documents content type percentages on contextual XML-based websites.  
  · Established usability best practices. Created best practices website enabling all IA’s to quickly reference specific usability guidelines.  
  · Authored strategy for short, medium and long-term improvement of  
  · Created company-wide repeatable portal taxonomy.  
  · Introduced concept of IA patterns such as “overview plus detail” into formerly moribund list-based site architectures.  
  · Revamped sponsor flash minisite section of mobile site using usability principles to gain higher flash minisite rate.  
  · Created intuitive textless navigation system and multiple-column multiple-resolution HTML template set.  

Foote Cone & Belding
New York, NY

4/05 – 6/05 Information Architect
  · Designed and coded complex highly-usable online life insurance claims form, incorporating principles such as affordance, inheritance, and Fitt's law.  
  · Created personas, use cases and functional requirements for pharmaceutical drug site. Analyzed competition and created unique visual analysis deliverable for documenting full feature spectrum, tracked over time.  
  · In response to an RFP, created a revised architecture for  

Intrasphere Technologies
New York, NY

10/05 – 3/05

Information Architect

  · Sites included Pfizer Product Integrity (private intranet), Pfizer CIT Portal, and InHouse Training and Marketing (all password-protected private intranets).  
  · Contributed to the definition, development, and visualization of a complex online collaborative text editing tool enabling pharmaceutical companies to create, version and publish drug labels in accordance with FDA labeling requirements.  
  · Developed complete information architecture and clickable prototype for Pfizer’s global anti-counterfeiting website.  
  · Quickly learned client's global cross-unit business rules, led client meetings unifying previous conflicting Functional Specifications sets.  
  · Wrote site analysis process documentation. Created templates.  
  · Developed wireframes and designed page components for proof-of-concept portal within Pfizer.  

Produced Business Requirements, Functional Specifications and clickable wireframes for a website promoting training, technical support, and marketing for a content management system.


New York, NY

7/02– 8/04 IA/Programmer
  · Sites included: Fleet products (now products of America),DirectTV, and JPMorgan Chase's Spanish Language site.  
  · Wrote functional requirements and use cases.  
  · In response to an RFP, created a revised architecture for  
  · Designed and coded pages for JPMorganChase's Spanish language version of,  
  · Oversaw client-side migration of JPMorgan Chase's Xcelerate content management system to Divine.  
  · HTML coding for, XML coding for  

New York, NY

7/01– 7/02 Information Architect
  · Clients included: Intelliga, Fusebox, and Beth Carey Interactive.  
  · Sites included: Shoshanna's Matches , Chase Investing Essentials, The Robb Report , and Fresh Pair.  
  · Collaborated with business groups, back-end technologists, and creative staff to ensure seamless integration of information architecture, visual design and functionality.  
  · Used information design principles to create easily understandable graphic explanations for the personal investment section of  
  · Applied UML-based use-case analysis to refine product scope and usability for uDefine browser plug-in.  
New York, NY
9/00 - 7/01 Director of Information Architecture
  · Sites included the International Amateur Athletics Federation, Puget Sound Energy, and Major League Lacrosse  
  · Directed Information Architecture at Neokom. Managed and information architecture strategy and deliverables for multiple-company international projects. Assisted in project pitches, mentored junior team members.  
  · Led requirements gathering sessions, created functional specifications,content inventories, site maps, process flows, use cases, page schematics, and wireframes.  
  · Designed "Athlete Finder" page module, including the technical specifications for all input permutations and their subsequent system responses.  
  · Wrote site analysis and usability documentation.  
  · Created databases for internal and client software tracking.  
  · Created online energy-saving game for Puget Sound Energy.  
Icon Medialab
New York, NY
1/00 - 9/00 Information Architect
  · Sites included Chubb-Forsurance  
  · Led JAD sessions to define business rules and functional requirements for a consumer-facing commerce-enabled insurance aggregator site.  
  · Managed IA team to create HTML prototype.  
  · Created page schematics and site maps.  
  · Collaborated with Human Computer Interface group to integrate end-user research.  
Reuters America, Inc.
New York, NY
6/99 – 1/00 Technical Writer
  · Used FrameMaker to create technical installation and maintenance manuals for Kondor+, a Unix-based Client-Server Risk Management product.   
Andersen Consulting
New York, NY
2/98 - 3/99 Intellectual Property Manager/Database Designer
  · Designed interactive groupware for assessing, tracking Andersen's intellectual property at JP Morgan's "Pinnacle Alliance" five company IT outsource.  
  · Interpreted client contracts, created and enforced intellectual property rights and procedures.  
  · Produced IPR training course and trained new Andersen employees.  
  · Developed Lotus Notes databases. Oversaw Y2K migration procedures for Domino servers.  
  · Assessed knowledge capital for contribution to Andersen worldwide.  
  · Implemented knowledge management system for Andersen employees.  

Dow Jones Markets
New York, NY

4/97 – 2/98 Online Help Developer
  · Created online help system for version 1.0 of the Dow Jones Interactive Desktop, an online java-based data-delivery portal designed for bond traders.  
  · Managed team of writers for version 2.0  
  · Created WinHelp systems for Windows applications such as DJ-SPAN, a groupware news-editing tool.  
  · Wrote back-end network documentation.  
  · Implemented version control and acted as SourceSafe database administrator.  
  · Process-engineered QA code update system.  
Hewlett-Packard Company
Mountain View, CA
2/95 - 1/97 Technical Writer/Webmaster
  · Created websites for HP’s intranet, allowing sales and marketing reps to access documents online.  
  · Wrote numerous technical manuals for UNIX and NT-based networking tools.  
  · Acted as Webmaster for Operations Readiness network solution group.  
  · Wrote back-end network documentation.  
  · Won "Star" employee performance award (top 5% of employees).  
  Juris Doctor  
  The University of Toledo College of Law, Toledo OH.
  Bachelor of Arts, English  
  The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI, with honors.
Phoebe Reed Director of Technology (212) 768-0550  

Edelman NYC
250 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10013

Mr. Whitney Browne Director of User Experience (212) 537-3700  

636 11th Avenue
New York, NY 10036

Bonnie Potter Director of User Experience (203) 563-3343  

Havas Worldwide
372 Danbury Road
Wilton CT 06897

Daniel Herskowitz Director of User Experience (212) 633-8100  

115 W. 18th St.
New York, NY 10011

Leanne Will Account Managing Director (646) 237-3467  
601 W. 26th St., 11th floor
New York, NY 10001


Roy Zornow MS Word version

IA / UX Designer